For some established service SIUC

  • Business owners who use to promote their products and services contextual advertising
  • Webmasters, advertising affiliate program networks of contextual advertising
  • Specialists in setting up Google Adwords and Yandex Direct

Why do it?

Recently, Yandex Direct advertisers and Google Adwords are increasingly faced with the problem of how to fraudulent clicks on ads ("click fraud"), carried out by unfair competitors to improve own advertising.

To deal with this very difficult - but fortunately, you can now use the service and track SIUC intruders!

With us you can sleep peacefully and not be afraid that someone is wasting your money ...

How it works

  1. You click on the button "Login" and enter your personal cabinet using any of the available social networks
  2. Enter the address of the advertised site
  3. Install script visit tracking
  4. Our system keeps track of user clicks on the 15 indicators, starting with the IP address and ending with depth colors
  5. You analyze statistics and add IP addresses from which comes sklikivanie in exclusion advertising Campaign on Google or Yandex.